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I’m Bobby Shaw, an Austin, Texas based goober and storyteller that absolutely loves the beautiful world that is blossomed when design meets serving others. 

Oh, and queso. Yep. Love that stuff too.

As a Creative Director for 10+ years within a non-profit setting, I was given many opportunities to make an impact on all the demographics you could imagine through a crap ton of mediums (design, production, writing, filming, speaking, and more).

It was here that my passion for people, purpose, and design blended together to introduce me to the world of UX. I never knew that the items I created could also serve someone in their overall experience - and also how many times I would have to explain what UX / UI is (at least a thousand).


I’ve since grown immensely in how I approach both design and the users behind those designs (which is what it’s all about - not as much the "hokey-pokey" as others would lead you to believe).

My primary focus and gifting is visual / product design, but I’ve found a love for the whole ux enchilada and enjoy collaborating with others so much. I get annoying when it comes to how much I love "team" and community.

When not designing, I can be found traveling the world with my best friend (who just so happens to be my wife), going to Disney parks far too often (for my wallet), watching movies, and sharing the best eats with friends around Austin.

If you “like me” like me, let’s connect soon - think we could do something really amazing together.


© Bobby Shaw 2021